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Name: Tempered laminated safety glass

Common film has: PVB, SGP, EVA, PU, etc.

4.38mm, 6.38mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm, 42.3mm etc.

Double layers, Triple layers, Fourth layers...

Size  1830*2440mm, 3300*2134mm, 3300*2140mm etc.
PVB Color Clear, Milk, F. Green, Bronze, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Ocean Blue etc.
Glass Color

Clear, Dark Bronze, Light Bronze, Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Mist Grey,

Dark Green, F. Green, Dark Blue, Lake Blue etc.

Customer Exporting to more than 126 countries in the world.
Certificate CE, ISO9001, AS/NZS2208:1996, SGS, EN12150

20 years experience on glass manufacturing and exporting.

Packing Safety sea-worthy wooden or plywood packing.

Steel laminated glass means further safety glass and steel processing, the two pieces of glass bonded together. After the broken glass will not splash hurt people, play a security role.

Laminated safety glass, because it is tough and the intermediate layer film adhesion, not easy to be damaged by the impact after through debris does not fall off, and corneal tightly together.

Compared with other glass, with shock, anti-theft, bullet-proof, explosion-proof performance.

Energy saving. Is among the film can reduce solar radiation and prevent the loss of energy source, saving air-conditioning power consumption, intermediate film can sound sonic vibration product cushioning effect, so as to achieve sound results.

Interlayer film can block ninety-nine percent of ultraviolet radiation, delaying indoor furniture curtains fade.
  Increasing the aesthetic appearance of the building. Increasing the aesthetic appearance of the building.

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