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Published::2014-8-10 20:06:18

Stainless steel railing construction basics points:
A stainless steel railing construction process
1, the engineering process:
Installation of embedded parts → actinomycetes → Install handrails and columns connected column → → polishing
2, installation of embedded parts (after Jiamai pieces):

Railings embedded parts can only be used after Jiamai member practices, its approach is to use expansion bolts and steel to create the rear connector, first put the line on civil grassroots level, determine the location of a fixed point of the column, and then on the ground with percussion drill, then install expansion bolts, bolt retaining sufficient length after the bolt position, tighten the bolts while the welded between the nut and the screw to prevent loosening of the nut and steel plate. Handrail connection with the wall surface is also taking the above methods.
3, actinomycetes
Due to the above construction after Jiamai member, it is possible to generate an error, therefore, before the column installation, you should re-pay-off, in order to determine the location of the buried plate and weld pole of accuracy, if the deviation, promptly corrected. Stainless steel column should ensure all located on the plate, and can weld all around.
4, install column
When the welding column, with the need to double, to keep a hold on vertical pipe, the welding can not shake another person welding, welding to four weeks, and should be consistent with the welding specifications.
5, handrail and column connection
Before installing the column, put line through the elongated line, according to the tilt angle of the venue and the roundness of the handrails, and at its upper end machined groove. Then put directly into the column groove armrest, spot welding installed sequentially from one end to the other end, adjacent handrail installation butt accurate, tight joints. After docking adjacent steel, stainless steel welding seam welding. Before welding, the weld must be within the range along 30 ~ 50mm on each side of the oil, burrs, rust, etc. clean.
6, polishing
After all welding, using a hand grinder will tie weld sanding, until no significant welds. Using polishing cloth or felt polishing wheel, while using the appropriate polishing paste until substantially consistent with the adjacent base metal, the weld was not reached.


Second, stainless steel railing construction points
1, field measurement actinomycetes, enlarge the sample to determine the specific size, determine column installation location, set embedded iron. And check the embedded parts are complete and firm.
2, select the appropriate materials, forming, slicing production railing and handrails, after making a good slice layered combination of installation.
3, the joint portion with angle grinder sanding pad to high-speed polishing, polishing points coarse, medium and fine three-step polishing.
4, assembly stainless steel railing, stainless steel handrails when welding operation process used.
(1) using a small current, fast weld, narrow weld, prevent cracking and deformation.
(2) DC welder and reverse polarity (the workpiece is negative, the motor is positive).
(3) Short-arc welding, crater slowly, fill the crater.
Finally weld surface (4) in contact with corrosive media.
(5) after welding can be forced cooling, such as water cooling, air cooling and the like.
(6) after welding deformation can only be corrected by cold working.



Third, the quality of detail and quality of installation of disadvantage and measurement
(A) the quality of the installation details
1, the installation, primary treatment should meet the following requirements:
A, embedded parts design elevation, location, number must meet the design and installation requirements, and by corrosion preventive treatment. When non-compliant embedded parts, should take effective measures to supplement embedded parts.
B, install stair railing pole of the site, the concrete may not have crisp grassroots phenomenon, and installation elevation should meet the design requirements, irregularities must be removed or patch formation, over the recess and primary Honeycomb serious place, not with cement mortar repair After application of high strength concrete repair, and until there is a certain intensity, can be carried out railing installation.
2, according to the design and installation requirements for proper installation pop railing pole position and the center line spacing.
3, stainless steel stair railings, handrails installed operating points:
(1) shall be required to install railings Pole and construction order from the ink lines up at the start. Stairs started at the platform ends of the pole should be installed, welded and bolted installation points two ways.
(2) when the welding work, the electrodes should be the same material as the base material, the installation of the pole pieces and buried temporarily fixed spot welding, after elevation, vertical correction, welding firm.
(3) using bolts, eyelet pole at the bottom of the metal plate to be processed into a round hole back to prepare for the expansion bolt position does not match, you can make minor adjustments during installation. When the construction site after installation pole grassroots, with the drill hole into the expansion bolt connection and a little pole fixed with metal shims to adjust the installation elevation error, after vertical elevation correction fastening screw cap.
(4) The ends of pole installed, pull through the remaining pole line installed by the same method. Pole installation must be firm, not loose. Pole welding and bolting parts, other than stainless steel, after installation, corrosion preventive treatment should be carried out and may not be exposed, to be the root installation of decorative cover or lid.
(5) inserts with steeplechase, the fence should be in the pole to complete the installation. Installation must be solid, and the vertical, horizontal and slope should meet the design requirements. When installed, the fence pole embedded in both sides of the groove, the groove on both sides of the gap with the tailgate application of hard rubber strips filling them firmly until handrails installed, caulked with a sealant. When welding handrails installed stone fence applications such as cotton cover fire protection, in order to avoid damage to the tailgate welding sparks flying.
(6) staircase handrail installation, the general welding installation (except special size). Use of electrode material should be the same as the base material. Handrail installation sequence should start elbow began, followed by straight armrest. Handrail interfaces required angle cut correctly set, and with a metal rasp file level, so as not to cover cutting inaccuracy, resulting curved armrest and difficult to install. When installed, the first starting elbow and railing pole fixed spot until after the check welding firm. Elbow after installation, straight handrail ends and ends provisional pole spot-fixing, while the end of the straight bars after head butt and a fixed spot, handrails interface should remain 2-3mm weld gap, then pull through cable handrail and each pole as a fixed spot, to meet the requirements to be examined, according to the welding requirements, interfaces and armrests and one by welding a solid pole. Welding (especially in winter construction), should have a good welding current, voltage and welding temperature, to prevent the current is too large or too small, and voltage instability, affecting weld quality and appearance. Welding quality should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the standard, weld width, depth to be consistent, the surface should be was scaly, handrails weld joints should be tight, the weld should feel no obvious bias.
(7) after a long metal armrests (particularly for outdoor handrails) installation, the joint should consider installing able to adapt to changes in temperature retractable movable interface, stretching the amount of movable joints, such as the design is not required, general considerations 20mm. Outdoor retractable armrests should also consider setting up at the leaking hole. Handrail roots and concrete, brick surface connection, generally a fixed method should be scalable, so as to avoid stretching the bending deformation of the handrail. Handrail and wall connecting the base should be installed decorative cover.

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